**Puerto Rico stays with the silver and Cuba with the bronze

BOCA DEL RIO, Veracruz.- Venezuela’ s national team won the top of the podium at the CACG Veracruz 2014, after defeated the Puerto Ricans in the final game at the Leyes de Reforma Aquatic Center.

The score was 11 goals against six in favor of the Venezuelans, which now are the new queens in water polo, the last CAG in Mayagüez 2010 the Puerto Ricans were the winners, a title that now the Venezuelans have.

Jeisnaimil Agelvis, Soleilyn Martinez, Rocio Galuea, Dulce Hernandez and Oriana Rolfo were the responsible of the goals of their team.

The silver medal was for Puerto Rico, the bronze medal for Cuba that won in penal rounds their match against Mexico.

Venezuela will train for the Pan American Games in Toronto 2015, thanks to their victory in the South Americans Games in Argentina.



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